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Donate Hash

DonateHash is a mining pool that allows the community to support hashing power to mine popular coins. Any blockreward found will be used to create Buy support at exchanges.

Dalecoin TopUp

Users can use their staking reward to topup their mobile device

Dalecoin Bid N Win

An application that will enable users to bid for items on display with their dalecoins

Dalecoin Telegram chatbots/Tipbot

This will be a subscription channel on telegram where users cn come together and share information,tutorial and giveaways about crypto currency.It will also serve as wallet for now.

P2P exchange

Users will be able to trade their coins on a P2P Platform.

Staking Platform

This Platform is a service that will help user stake their Dalecoins for a guranteed weekly/monthly returns.

Blockchain Services

Dalecoin intends to offer some basic Blockchain services that will be useful to growing projects.

Dalecoin Faucets

This is a unique faucet that allows users to earn free dalecoins by engaging in different Activities.

Dalecoin Payment Gateway

This platform helps user to accept dalecoin payments on their website and application powered by our roboust API


We are working on getting exchanges for Dalecoin Mainnet.

Old Dalecoin erc20 are available at yobit and mercatox exchnages.

    Initial coin supply= ~250,000 coins
   maximum coin supply= 5,000,000 coins
   yearly coin reward emission= ~ 60,000 to 100,000 coins             monthly coin reward emission= ~ 6,000 to 10,000 coins
   POW reward= 0.05 coins/block POS reward= 0.20 coins/block

    average block time = ~ 60 seconds - 20 mins

     rpc port=11115 p2p port=11114

1. run the dalecoin windows wallet then close it. 

2. locate the dalecoin data directory in your pc "C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\DaleCoin"
3. open the folder and create a file dalecoin.conf and paste the following data in it and save.

server=1 deamon=1

same process applies to ubuntu. locate the dalecoin data directory and paste the data in the config file and save.



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